Physician practices and smaller hospitals who are not already a part of an integrated delivery network, require a solution that works with current software and hardware without the time-consuming and expensive system upgrades.

Medi-Code technology provides such an integrated “off the shelf” system for a quick and secure way to share data across the disparate software packages of the providers who are part of a provider network or an ACO.

Smart Data Warehousing and Data Privacy and Security

Medi-Code provides its clients data warehousing infrastructure that is able to collect and share data in a secure manner with the various stakeholders of the provider network or the ACO. Our solution complies with HIPAA and HITECH security and privacy rules to ensure the patient health data is adequately protected.  It uses its unique mechanism to merge the patient data obtained from the various disparate EHRs, claims information, lab data, and other care coordination and telehealth system and devices, so that accurate and actionable data is always available for the physicians to make appropriate decisions. To minimize security risks, Medi-Code uses de-identified data for analytics purposes as that data has wider audience.

Interoperability and Data Sharing

  • Data interoperability across EHRs and external systems that support HL7 or CCD interfaces.
  • Sharing of real time data from local HIEs, Labs and Pharmacies.
  • Smart data warehousing techniques to merge data across different sources like claims, EHRs, lab, etc.
  • Technology to ensure that data is available when needed and in real time.
  • Provider and patient portals for meaningful access to health data.

Medi-Code – Integrated, Real Time Cloud-based Platform Secure and HIPAA/ HITECH Compliant

Medi-Code ensures that the patient data is available whenever and wherever its needed, and only to the individuals authorized to view the data.

An integral part of the cloud based IT platform of Medi-Code is its ability to aggregate Clinical data from multiple EHRs , clinics, labs and pharmacies along with Claims data from various Payers including CMS and other commercial Insurance companies. Its Smart data warehousing technique allows it to merge and clean data from these various sources. This data is then used by the business intelligence and analytics engine to deliver real time actionable data and drive better clinical outcomes.

Medi-Code Interoperability and Data Sharing capability :
• Extracts and aggregates data from multiple sources
• Brings data together from both in-patient and out-patients
• Real-time, discrete clinical data as well as claims
• Uses smart technology to merge data into an actionable healthcare information
• Provides business intelligence to deliver better patient care