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Medi-Code expands into Neurology specialty in early 2014 with their Montreal-based client.  Earlier, they announced their Tele-Mental Health-in-a-Box© strategy at the telemedicine conference in Austin.
Medi-Code secured a pilot for a major ACO in North Carolina. The pilot, whose first phase completed in Dec 2013, provides interoperability across the various EHR systems, lab systems and a smartcard-based Personal Health Record system.  It also provides analytics to identify "At Risk" patients and to provide proactive care to reduce costs and improve outcomes.
Medi-Code is selected as the IT vendor for a Texas-based behavioral health network, Life Renovations, providing mental health services in rural and underserved areas. Starting March 2013, Medi-Code is also providing telemedicine technology and support to Life Renovations as they expand their operations.
CEO Rohit Saxena judged the poster competition at the University of Texas - Austin Spring '12 session of their Health Information Technology Program.  Medi-Code is an enthusiastic supporter of this program.
Our CEO's pitch made at the Rice University Alliance event available from thebusinessmakers.com radio show site.