Medi-Code is a leading healthcare technology company with proven suite of products and trained clinical staff ready to service our customers. Our product offerings enable healthcare providers, including Accountable Care Organizations (ACOs), to effectively manage the payers incentive programs, thus maximizing returns on investments. Medi-Code’s integrated platform automates the remote care workflows and enables providers to efficiently manage data to drive improvement in health outcomes and care quality for their patients. Our powerful data analytics and predictive modeling functionalities are highly intuitive that empower providers to lower costs for the payers, while providing better care to the patients.

We Provide Remote Care Services like Chronic Care Management (CCM), Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM) and Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)

Medi-Code provides all kinds of remote non face-to-face services to the patients between doctors visits. Medicare understands that practices would not be able to provide comprehensive care coordination to their patients on their own. Our care coordinators, including pharmacists, provide services like medication management and reconciliation, 24/7 asynchronous availability to the patient, managing informed consent, developing a meaningful care plan, and providing complete documentation on patients’ charts in the doctors’ EHR.

That’s why partnering with Medi-Code for CCM and RPM in your practice is so valuable. Medi-Code provides a turnkey solution. And most important, Medi-Code provides qualified chronic care coordinators who enhance your practice by interfacing with your patients and providing the service they need.

Then each month, for each patient who meets all the compliance rules for the CPT codes, your Medi-Code chronic care coordinator provides you with all the documentation required for billing so you get paid promptly. That includes quality measures coding for MIPS reporting.  Once you are paid, you pay Medi-Code its fee like any other vendor. Practices make no upfront investment or pay any overhead.

Medi-Code is quick, highly secure, HIPAA-compliant, easy to configure and implement for ready to use with the following suite of products:

Chronic Care Management (CCM)

CCM involves providing remote care between doctor visits. Medi-Code care coordinators fill the care gap and help prepare and monitor the comprehensive care plan for the patients that looks at their health in a holistic fashion.

Remote Patient Monitoring (RPM)

RPM involves providing health devices to patients with chronic conditions, and more important, providing constant monitoring including alert handling and escalations. This has proven to reduce ER admissions.

Annual Wellness Visit (AWV)

We enable providing Medicare AWV program remotely and thus enabling the practices not only to provide a more comprehensive session much faster but also be able to engage many more patients in the program every year. Medi-Code staff processes patient eligibility and schedules the patients and their trained clinicians provide the AWV service.

Off the Shelf

Off-The-Shelf Cloud based IT solution with monthly payments making it very affordable for the ACOs as the up-front costs are minimal. No additional hardware or software installation and maintenance costs, just pay-as-you-go.

Powerful Data Integration

Integrates and warehouses data from disparate systems like EHRs/EMRs, claims, billing account receivables, etc. Medi-Code’s smart technology merges all this data for more accurate and powerful analytics

Real Time Reporting

Real time solution helps decisions that impact medical outcomes now, not months later. And our Predictive Analytics can help address future costs looming ahead.

Cloud IT Platform

Our highly secure Cloud-based platform is easily configurable and ready to use, meeting most of the ACO requirements without any major customization and technical development within few weeks of planning and testing. It doesn’t require any IT staff, system changes or upgrades, or software or hardware maintenance.


We have also added telemedicine technology and business solutions to our offerings since 2013. Telemedicine and telehealth is/are proving to be a major paradigm change in the healthcare delivery. We incorporate telemedicine processes into the workflow and allow data to be shared across all platforms in a secure manner.


Medi-Code Leadership Team is a highly experienced and committed group of professionals with deep healthcare industry, data analytics and technology experience. Our patent pending solution is open and secure, so all you need is a digital agreement and “go live” in days whereas it takes months with the custom project approach.