Planning & Implementation

Medi-Code platform is built for rapid implementation. We have a short planning period with each new customer where we analyze their current systems and where the gaps are. Then based on the customer requirements, Medi-Code team puts the plan in action.

Medi-Code’s automated platform allows our customers to quickly come on board. For standards-compliant systems we can integrate with EHRs, claims and billing systems in a matter of days where it takes weeks for a typical HIT implementation. For example, our “smart merge” platform allows our Medicare ACO customers less than 2 days from the time they get the CCLF claims data to the time they can run the Expenditure and Utilization Reports on the aggregated data.

Our project implementation uses Agile Methodology where we make rapid incremental changes rather than create large duration projects. Medi-Code will assign a project manager that will direct the implementation process including discovery, detailed planning, training plan development, and ongoing monitoring of the process. We use a professional project management approach with milestones, timelines, critical path items, tracking, etc.

Training & Education

Medi-Code provides end-to-end training on all its product offerings. In addition to that, we also help with all the other systems that are part of the eco-system. For example, we find that in order to get the best data for our analytics module, we train our customers on EHR workflows and processes. The aim of our training methodology is to obtain the best value from the health IT platform.

Training is performed either using a “Train-the-Trainer” approach or providing direct training to the users of various systems. Our training staff is highly qualified and experienced and uses professionally prepared materials to make sure the training is as effective as possible. We modify the training program to suit your timeline and adjust for resource availability.

Technical Support

Medi-Code understands the importance good technical support plays in customer satisfaction. A team of professional customer service and technical personnel will be available as needed. Each of our customers will be provided a support contact that will available to coordinate and provide technical support. There will also be a support call-in number as well as email address for support questions.